PJ King: The King Of Wall Street Or A Masked Criminal?

A space engineer, tech evangelist, entrepreneur or a top-class venture investor, PJ King is the definition of success. But, is everything about the man truly that inspirational or is the image a big digital cover-up for a dangerous villain? The question is real- is PJ King a misunderstood celebrity businessman or the face behind a criminal conspiracy? The questions are serious and cannot straightaway be answered without digging deep.

The Digital Identity Of PJ King

PJ King - The King Of Wall Street

PJ King’s digital identity is what you get to see and know about him with a quick search online. With a very impressive work profile, King is currently the CEO of a company named Venturian, LLC. One that deals with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Along with the Venturian, PJ King is also the CEO of another company named Posetano Investments. His digital profile claims that King is an expert investor. He knows the art of manipulating finances in a way to maximize returns on investment.

Currently interested in investing in the fields of Cryptocurrencies & Blockchains along with Real Estate and Renewable Energy, this man is known as the magician who can play with money and grow it magically in no time. While both of these companies indicate his interests in venture investments, it has not always been the same. King has been known for changing tastes and interests and that can very well be seen in his work history.

Early Days Of PJ King And His Background

PJ King who now sleeps luxuriously under the blanket of money, money that according to the rumor mills, has come from illegal practices belongs to Shepherd’s family. Although currently, he is a resident of California, King was born in Ireland. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree from the Trinity College of Dublin in Physics and went on to pursue his Master’s Degree from Cranfield University. King completed his Master’s Degree in Astronautics and Space Engineering and joined the Ph.D. program in space engineering only to leave it in between. He left his Ph. D. in between to work on his bedroom startup, a company that began to work with the top players within days of entering Silicon Valley.

Clockworks International- The Silicon Success

PJ King left his Ph. D. in Space Engineering to invest his time in developing an outsourcing company in the field of Software Engineering. Despite being a bedroom startup in an unrelated stream, Clockworks International made it big. PJ King could successfully run it and within 6 years, he was able to secure an impressively prestigious clientele. The list included the names of the top players in the industry like Apple, IBM, Symantec, and Disney. But, King sold it off. Clockworks International was sold in 2000 in a mere six years of its inception(1994) sold the company to explore his ways in angel investments.

The Clockworks Controversy

The company that was initially owned by PJ King but was soon sold off in 2000 went in to face bankruptcy soon. Not only did the company soon get doomed but took away with it several of its board members, who had to face the charges against financial frauds.

PJ King- Journey Of An Angel Investor

PJ King leaving his career as a tech entrepreneur moved away to become an investor. It was here in his investments that witnessed his changing interests. King has a history of investing in varied industries and the best part, all unrelated. His interests have been noted to vary from travel to technology, research to boutique hotels to even cryptocurrencies and bitcoins.

His profile suggests that PJ King has invested in companies from different industries. King invested in Evelo Electric Bicycles, ReResearch, Firefly Space Systems, The Bobby Hotel Nashville, CNG Travels along with his Clockworks International, Posetano Investments and Venturian. While some of these were tech-based, one was in renewable energy another in investments and another in hotels and tourism. Not to forget one was based in Space Tech as well. But while his official profile states that his investments have only been in novel ideas, according to the rumor mills King operates even in the DarkNet.

The Story Behind King’s Association With Space Tourism

King despite leaving his Ph. D. in Space Engineering made a return to his old interest with his investment in the SpaceShipTwo. VSS Enterprise with SpaceShipTwo was all set to commercialize space tours with SpaceShipTwo, but all plans failed miserably with the spaceship crashing in its test launch itself. While PJ King was amongst the first 100 investors to buy a ticket to space with 200 thousand dollars, he was also amongst the first to ask for a refund on the mission’s failure. Although he received it, King’s association with the Virgin Galactic team did not end there. And if the distributors of rumors are believed then that is exactly where PJ King went wrong.

PJ King’s Journey From VSS Enterprise To Firefly Space Systems

PJ King just like other entrepreneurs in the team met Richard Branson during this time and was intrigued enough to join the development team of the SpaceShipTwo led by Branson. After the Spaceship crashed, many of his acquaintances from the VSS Enterprise stayed together and then co-founded a similar project together. Firefly Space Systems, founded in 2014 is a project by the same team. The company is into the manufacturing business of vehicles for commercial orbital tours and is also currently working with NASA for a few projects.

Tom Markusic and Max Polyakov, the founders of the Firefly Space Systems have been in the Engineering Team of the Virgin Galactic project. Not just that, but co-founding the Firefly Space Systems, with PJ King is Michael Blum, another name from the VSS Enterprise development team that has been linked with King ever since but unfortunately, only for wrong reasons.

PJ King’s Association With Michael Blum- The Origin Of All The Controversies

The King Of Wall Street Or A Masked Criminal?

PJ King’s association with Michael Blum has been an infamous one as this is the link that is considered the cause that led to the illegal paths. Though their association can be traced back to the Virgin Galactic project of commercial space tours, the controversies about the duo are nothing related to technology. Blum before investing the 200 thousand dollars for the ticket to space had been investing in Macau in the Gaming and Hotel industry.

The Controversial Stories Of PJ King

Although the duo officially is known to have invested in Firefly Space Systems and Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies together, it is never the talking point in the gossip mills. Controversies have it that the duo is secretly involved in the distribution of illegal entertainment to the elite class of the US which refers to the business of sex, porn, and drugs. If the rumors are believed then PJ King with Blum secretly uses their tourism and hotel business to hide their illegal business in the sex industry. They are considered the lords of the DarkNet which is in the service of satisfying the most immoral sexual fantasies of the rich and elite in America.

People sitting in the top management positions of the Corporate giants, political elites and other VVIPs of the country are known to be on the client list. While Blum is blamed for producing and distributing Asian and Russian porn, taking advantage of his wife’s birthplace which is in Russia. PJ King, on the other hand, has been accused of being involved in the drug business. Not only are both of these businesses illegal but they satisfy the likes of the riches. And both of them have been known to use the same crime network for its distribution.

The Effect Of Controversies On PJ King’s Image

The controversies about the two being linked with the illegal industry had been getting stronger by the day. It led to the action of PJ King selling most of the shares of CNG Travels being considered as a lame step to clear his image. But despite such strong words in the air about PJ King, not much harm could be done to the reputation of the man. Firstly, the legal agencies of the country have continuously denied any such claims. They have also labeled the rumors as baseless. A big reason why the controversies have been tagged as the jealous bites resulting from the envy of the society.


Meanwhile, PJ King continues to be the hero in the Business Groups. Be it for his connections made for the illegal services he provides to the elite or be it for his image of the money-making machine. Top businessmen in the society continue to trust him with their million-dollar cheques, allowing him to easily launder money from the huge investments.

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