The Endeavors of P.J. King – Entrepreneur and Space Explorer

The society we live in is organized in a way that when you have the money, you can do anything you could imagine. If you look at the majority of people, you will see that some have just about enough to make it through the month. Others manage to make some savings. But there are few among, or rather above us, who have huge capital in their hands.

Unusual Projects

And while most of us, mere mortals, who are struggling are thinking about all the great things we could do if we won the lottery, others like P. J King, who have the resources, use them exclusively to do things for themselves.

The founder of Clockworks International is one of those people who use their fortune just for toys and games. He started as a software developer and became rich by starting and then selling different software businesses just before the moment of their bankruptcy. His first company, Clockworks International was even sued for fraud, nonetheless, King was nowhere to be found. He emptied company accounts and disappeared, and that is what he did with each next business he started. The latest news about this wealthy eternal boy whose main dream since he was a kid is to travel to space is that he entered the cryptocurrency business.

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